What is advertising?

Advertising is a great way to promote your blog or brand. If my readers see your blog button, click on it and decide they like your content, they may decide to follow you.

Why should I advertise?

I've received many emails from new bloggers (and brands) in the past about getting advice on how to get more 'followers' or 'readers'. It is very difficult for me to answer this as there is no set formula. People will only follow you if they like your blog. However, the thing I may be able to help with is the exposure (getting people to notice your page in the first place, which can be extremely difficult as there are millions of blogs and brands out there). By advertising on my page, my followers and readers will be able to see/ click on your blog button.

How does it work?

I will place your 'blog button' on my page and I will also have a page dedicated to my advertisers. If you already have a button prepared, then I can use that. If you don't then I can prepare one for you (which I will discuss with you upon request).

Bloglovin: 5,100+
GFC: 250+
Twitter: 1000+
Instagram: 2600+ (combined)

The options available

The £7 option is the most expensive. I only have one space available here. Your button will be shown right at the top of my blog. You will also receive a large place on my blog page that is dedicated to my advertisers to promote your brand or blog. 

The £5 option will be smaller than the option above. It will be shown on my sidebar. I have around three spaces available here. You will receive a smaller section on the same page as the £7 option. The placement of your button will be alternated during the month so each advertiser gets fair exposure.

The £3 option is the cheapest option. I will have a lot more spaces available for this, so there will be plenty of room for new advertisers. You will get a few sentences on the same page as the advertisers above, although the page will be primarily focused on the £7 and £5 advertisers.

If you are interested in any of these options then please drop me a quick email: (BLOGGERS) lusciouslanekb@gmail.com // (BRANDS) rpkstbh@gmail.com and I will get back to you asap. Thank you!

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